Podcast Monday - OCF Real Break

Check out these awesome podcasts detailing the incredible work happening around the world on Orthodox Christian Fellowship’s Real Break trips!
Real Break offers alternative spring break trips for college students.  They are generally service driven or a pilgrimage to a sacred place. Students from across North America are travelling to places like Guatemala, Constantinople, Alaska, New Orleans, and Romania. This year's Real Break season started last week with trips to Detroit and Honduras.
Part 1 of today’s featured podcast, Real Break: Detroit, explores what the OCF team is doing there.  The OCF blog also sheds some light on what the Real Breakers experienced. Students worked side by side with members of Orthodox Detroit Outreach, which serves the needs of the local community daily. 
Another group of students went to the St. Nektarios Orphanage in Honduras. Listen to the Young Adults explain what they experienced as they interacted with the children and visited hospitals.  
Time and time again, Real Break has been described as life changing.  Students often go expecting to make an impact but in turn are even more powerfully impacted.  
If you’re a college student or know one that might benefit from such a trip, encourage them to participate next year.  It’s time very well spent.
As you listen to these podcasts (and read the blogs), consider:

1. Why does service to others have such a profound impact on the one doing the serving?

2. Are there places or times of the year that may be best for service projects?

3. Do you live in a community that could especially use your services?

4. What special talents do you have that could benefit others?

-Nick Lionas, Young Adult Coordinator
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