What is Love?

“I love your new SUV!” “I love this restaurant!” “I love that movie’s soundtrack.” Countless times, I have expressed these types of sentiments. Perhaps in my eagerness to describe a sincere ...

Who Brought You to Christ?

Growing up I was blessed to have many mentors and guides in the Faith...

Preparing for the Journey of Marriage

Few days in our lives are as memorable as our wedding day, and few decisions more significant, than deciding to marry. While couples spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on the...

The Power of a Mother's Prayer

As someone who studies motherhood and theology and who has five children myself, fellow Orthodox mothers often ask me if I can point them to prayers for mothers for their children, since few of...

Building a Strong Family by Serving Others

The tech giant Google recently reported that 93 million “selfies” are taken each and every single day.  On many days, I think that my fifteen-year-old daughter is single-handedly responsible...

Cruise-Control Marriages Invite Disconnection

Marriages cannot be sustained in a healthy way, let alone grow, if—as couples—we set them on ‘cruise control.’ All marriages need to be nurtured from the first day to the last of our lives. In...

Holding Space for Family

It’s 5:30 pm—almost dinner time in the home of the Chronos family. Mrs. Chronos has arrived home from work and frantically begins to pull something together for the evening meal. As she is...
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