Whether you're a novice or tech savvy, we've put together a selection of "stuff" everyone should to know.  Whether it's questions about the right time to buy a cell phone for your child; kid friendly email services; or issues such as bullying or predators you'll find it all here.

Pew Research Center Publishes Study on Parents, Teens, and Online Privacy

Most parents of teenagers are concerned about what their teenage children do online and how their behavior could be monitored by others. Some parents are taking steps to observe, discuss, and check...

Protecting Your Home Network

Your home's wired and wireless Internet connections should be as secure as possible. All home wireless (WiFi) networks should be password protected with the strongest encryption available....

Bullying Prevention

Parents and kids need to take an active role in combatting both offline and online bullying. Education and open communication are both critical. Parents should know the warning signs that their...

Strangers and Predators Online

Kids can easily encounter predators online; and predators know the places kids hang out online and how to develop online relationships with them. In this section, we cover the patterns typical of...

Email and Kids

Email is everywhere. The dangers that lurk via email can be as bad as the web. Parents must be actively involved in teaching kids about email and what to do when they get an email from someone they...

Activating Parental Controls on Cell Phones

All major cellphone carriers in the US offer parental control options. Here you'll find a comprehensive list with some additional solutions for iPhone and Andriod users.

Dr. Mary Ann Layden: Porn Culture in the Mobile Age

"Porn Culture in the Mobile Age" by Dr. Mary Ann Layden, PhD. Dr. Layden is a psychotherapist and Director of Education at the Center for Cognitive Therapy at the University of...

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