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Facebook Home puts Facebook at the center of your teen's smart phone and demotes any other apps, texting, and calling capabilities to less visible spots on the device. Teens who are heavy...


FACEBOOK is a popular social networking site. Users connect with people of their choosing, who they can then communicate with through the platform and who can then see various aspects of what they...


Foursquare is a location-based social network that encourages members to meet in person. Granted, the service warns users to friend carefully and does provide pretty good privacy, including the...


Friendster is a social network with plenty of iffy content: Teens on the site may encounter inappropriate language as well as sexual and violent content. Kids must be at least 16 years old to have...


Google+ social network is now open for teens, with some privacy tweaks for teen accounts and a new Google+ safety guide for teens. Just as with adult users, teens have the ability to limit who sees...
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Do you know me?
I do not have any respect for justice. I injure badly without killing. I break hearts, destroy friendships, sow anger and reap hatred. I am cunning and malicious and unlike others, I get...
Faith and Safety in Fast Company Magazine
Faith and Safety has been mentioned in Fast Company in  this article  that looks at the Catholic Church's digital revolution.  Read the full article here >>

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How do I report something on Facebook?
How do you report something you've seen on Facebook such as spam, hate speech, harassment, bullying, etc.