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Holding on to God in Hard Times

Experiencing hard times, especially natural disasters, can challenge our faith as we struggle to hold on to God.

Balancing Our Inner Mary and Martha

Mary and Martha often personify the roles of prayer and action. How do we balance these in our own lives?

Three Lessons from Saint Porphyrios

Saint Porphyrios is a modern saint who speaks to our society today. Here are three lessons that can help us in our relationship with Christ.

Finding Rest in a Restless World

Sometimes it feels like we’re failing at life if we aren’t multitasking or if we aren’t in three places at once. We’re tired and worn out and struggle to focus on prayer. What we need is rest: a...

Learning to Walk on Water

Sometimes we can feel like we're drowning in a sea of stress, anxiety, and temptation. But with Christ, we have a solution Who helps us do the impossible.

Being Brave in Uncertainty - First Sunday of Luke

Often times we rush to conclusions in order to resolve the pain of feeling vulnerable uncertain. Could it be, however, that Christ is promising to meet us in those places of vulnerability instead...

Frozen Yogurt, Fatherhood, and Fear - Third Sunday of Matthew

There's a lot to be afraid of in this world, but this Sunday, Christ will ask us to let it all go. Can you?