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Yes, I Read *The Benedict Option*

Lately, Rod Dreher's *The Benedict Option* has been showing up on people's bookshelves; Christian read it and it brought up some deep longings for community.

This is a Manhattan Bound N Train

The next stop is the Kingdom of Heaven.

A Church for Healing

Jesus was known as a healer, but does He still heal today?

A Home Away from Home Parish

How can you find a parish that feels like home once you've moved away from your home parish?

Finding Stability During Transition

Change and transition can be destabilizing for many of us. Here are three things we can do to keep our feet on solid ground when life seems to trip us up.

Run, Don't Walk

What are the parallels between being an Orthodox Christian and being a runner? How does one influence the other?

Three Things that Make Faith Personal (Yet Not Private)

The Orthodox spiritual life is about cultivating a personal relationship with Christ rooted in community.

The Partnership of Church and Home - Eighth Sunday of Luke

Too often we find ourselves expecting the Church to fix the problems we see in our young people. But if we want to see Christ restore people to health, perhaps it's going to take a little...

Our Personal Role in Healing the Divided Christian Witness

Here are three simple things that you can do to help heal the divided Christian witness where you live.

My Authentic Self

How can I be authentic and relatable without overexposing myself?