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Prepping for Our Journey to Pascha

The Triodion period before Great Lent helps us prepare for our long journey to Pascha and, ultimately, the Kingdom.

Stop Saying it's Okay: A Lesson in Forgiveness

As St. Dionysios showed us, forgiveness does not have to come with the reassurance of saying “it’s okay.” Forgiveness is enough in itself.

Addiction, Sin, & Bad Habits Part 3: Making Amends and the Christian Life

The remaining steps call us to make amends to others, to continue to work on our relationships with others and with God, and to share our story with others.

Three Ways to Spot Authentic Forgiveness

It can be hard for us to forgive others, but forgiveness is vital to the Christian life. Here are three ways to spot authentic forgiveness.

When Simba Came Home - Sunday of the Prodigal Son

We all have wandered from the love of God. This Sunday Christ calls us to return home, to come back to ourselves and to the Father.

Seeing the Man in the Mirror Clearly - Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee

As we stand at the cusp of Great Lent, we may be tempted to think our journey is about becoming righteous, but perhaps it is more about seeing ourselves clearly.

Apologizing With Intent

I have wondered if I confess like I apologize to my sister for borrowing her shirt without asking: with every intention of doing it again.

Watch Your Heart; Till the Ground - Third Sunday of Luke

Our walk with the Lord changes from day to day, but He invites us to till the ground of our hearts as we draw near to Him daily.

Why Being Good to Enemies is the Worst and Only Path to Salvation - Second Sunday of Luke

Being merciful to enemies is difficult, and it often is fairly unpleasant. But this Sunday, Christ invites us to walk the hard path of being good to those who harm us.

Forgiven Sinners Forgive Sinners - Eleventh Sunday of Matthew

This week the King will forgive us freely, but He expects us to go and do likewise. And often, that's where things get tricky.