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How Service Changes Lives

Service is more than just a nice thing to do. Here are two reasons it changes lives.

A Home Away from Home Parish

How can you find a parish that feels like home once you've moved away from your home parish?

With the “Fear” of God: Three Things Awe of God Can Teach Us

We hear “with the fear of God” every Divine Liturgy, but what does it mean if we worship a God of love?

Three Things that Make Faith Personal (Yet Not Private)

The Orthodox spiritual life is about cultivating a personal relationship with Christ rooted in community.

Commitment to Christ

We commit ourselves to all sorts of things these days, but the Church is calling us to commit ourselves, one another and our whole life to Christ our God.

What Does it Mean to "Go" to Church?

We've all heard the expression: Go to Church .   But is Church simply a place I go ?  The answer to that is pretty straightforward: no.   Before we go any...