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Страници с маркер prayer .

what can we learn about family prayer from a monastic family?
Our regrets keep us bound to the past. How do we let go and move past regret?
How can Orthodox Christians better be a compassionate presence in this world of confusion, fear, and anger?
Experiencing hard times, especially natural disasters, can challenge our faith as we struggle to hold on to God.
Mary and Martha often personify the roles of prayer and action. How do we balance these in our own lives?
Great Lent should inform the way we live throughout the year. Here are three principles or lessons that we can take with us even after Pascha.
The Morning Prayer of Saint Philaret of Moscow brings our attention to our inner life, to the will of God, and to how we treat our neighbor.
The Advent season is filled with so much commotion that we can fill up on Christmastime and forget to save room for Christ.
How do Orthodox Christians relate to our political leaders, and how do we move on after a divisive presidential election?
When I first heard about the app “Timehop,” I had really mixed feelings.   If you haven’t heard of it, it does what it sounds like: hops through time. It pools together a conglomerate of...
Having programs and ministries for youth and young adults can never replace the role of the parent in cultivating and modeling a love for Christ.
Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I an Orthodox Christian?”? Here are some things that keep me coming back.
Whether we are married or single, we are all called to make our home a “little church”: to bring our experience of Christ on Sunday into our daily life.
Change and transition can be destabilizing for many of us. Here are three things we can do to keep our feet on solid ground when life seems to trip us up.
We’re so used to saints being from centuries ago, that we forget that God makes saints today! Here are some reflections on Saint Paisios the Athonite.
As someone who studies motherhood and theology and who has five children myself, fellow Orthodox mothers often ask me if I can point them to prayers for mothers for their children, since few of our...
Now that we’ve looked at the Twelve Steps of recovery and how they parallel with Orthodox Christian teaching, let’s look at three principles shared by both.
The remaining steps call us to make amends to others, to continue to work on our relationships with others and with God, and to share our story with others.
Many wonder if repentance alone is enough and if it’s really necessary to go to Confession. Here are some reasons why Confession matters.
Young people make a lot of important decisions about their lives from their teens through their 20s. The Old Testament book of 2 Maccabees teaches us the steps we should take if we want to make the right decisions.
If you're anything like me, going after difficult goals can be a bit overwhelming, leading to a double-hearted effort. Might it be that when the going gets tough, this is the time Christ asks us to cry out more fervently?
We can’t spend our lives simply running from sin; that’s incomplete. The more important (not to mention easy and fulfilling) thing is to spend our lives running towards Christ.
We commit ourselves to all sorts of things these days, but the Church is calling us to commit ourselves, one another and our whole life to Christ our God.
Our walk with the Lord changes from day to day, but He invites us to till the ground of our hearts as we draw near to Him daily.
The lives of single and married people may look very different, but here are some simple ways we can support each other.