How You Can Support Orthodox Youth and Young Adult Ministry

At its core, ours is an active Faith.  We struggle to fast and pray, we labor to love our neighbors, we work to cultivate a deep and genuine relationship with God.  Ours is a Faith, not of passive observation, but of an active amen.

The past two years have seen greats strides in ministry for youth and young adults.  Our first video series, "Be the Bee," is watched weekly in homes, parishes, and camps around the world.  From children as young as three or four, to adults in their eighties and nineties; from cradle Orthodox Christians to people encountering the Church for the first time; the series is helping introduce thousands of people to Christ.  

Building on that success, we've launched a new video series, "The Trench."  We're constantly developing and expanding our blog to offer Christ-centered reflections on a daily basis.  We're getting ready to launch two new podcasts.  We're traveling across the United States for monthly "Be the Bee" retreats, offering sessions and workshops for youth, young adults, parents, and youth workers.  

Yet, as busy as we've been, there's much more work that needs to be done.  

Apart from books and print material that can complement our digitial resources, we're working to develop a complete set of youth and young adult ministry resources for both the parish and camp settings.  But we can't at the moment. 

And here's where you come in.

We won't run ads on our YouTube videos, nor will we charge subscription fees for our online content.  We want as many Christ-centered resources available to as many people as possible, free of charge.  

Plus, we don't want you to simply be a consumer of Orthodox content.  That would create a culture of passivity, where few people engage with content and most just passively receive it.  

Yet ours is an active Faith, and sharing the Gospel isn't just the responsibility of a few people in a single office.  We're all called to preach Christ, and we invite you to work with us to do so.  

Working together can be as simple as sharing our videos and blogs on social media, or asking us questions that you'd like us to address.  Even better, it can mean using our videos and blogs to learn about the Faith, to develop a true love for Christ, and to share that joy with others.  

Whatever its extent, your participation pushes us to do our best, and helps us share that Christ-centered message with as many people as possible.  For this, we're incredibly grateful.  

And if you're able, there's more we can do together.

If you can, we'd like you to visit and become a supporter of Y2AM.  You can pledge as little as $1 a month to help us continue sharing the Gospel and bringing people to Christ.  We'd even like to offer you a few perks as a token of our thanks.  We can add your name to our "Wall of Thanks," send you a handwritten card for the holidays, spend some time with you in a monthly Google Hangout, or thank you in a video that you helped make possible.  

Click the link for more details. 

So if you've ever enjoyed or learned something from an episode of "Be the Bee" or "The Trench;" if you've ever benefitted from reading one of our blogs; if you've ever had a great experience at a "Be the Bee" retreat, then we ask you to help us do more of that for more people.  

Help us continue working to bring Christ into the lives of youth and young adults around the world.  

Visit and become a patron of Y2AM today.


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