SEO Design Lessons from the Pros

Search engine optimization is often an easy concept for Web professionals to wrap their digital heads around, but the implementation and the actual upkeep, however, is another story.

Across disciplines - design, development, marketing - those responsible for the acquisition and retention, analysis and optimization, and infrastructure and reliability (Website Magazine calls this the "Digital Trinity") of a digital enterprise are all in great part responsible for taking the necessary steps to maximize a website's visibility on the search engine result pages (SERPs).

This means that regardless of a person's role with an organization, he or she must too be well versed on what it takes to top the SERPs and elicit the valuable calls, clicks and conversions delivered from there. Designers and developers are no exception. In fact, it is often they who set the foundation for the likeliness of a top ranking. To help designers and developers in their quest to position their companies atop the SERPs, Website Magazine has enlisted the help of their peers to present SEO design tips from the pros.

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