Be The Bee- Love Your Enemies

Two weeks ago, the cities of Beirut and Paris were struck by terrible attacks, leaving pain and fear in their wake. Across the world, an outpouring of emotion was felt. People rose in solidarity with the victims of this violence, and expressed outrage, condemning its perpetrators. This is a reaction we have come to expect when such events occur. 

The concern shown across the world for these cities was inspiring, but what about our feelings toward the attackers? 

In the midst of war and violence, love and forgiveness are often the last things on our mind. When people cause suffering, our first reaction is generally one of disgust and condemnation, but when we look to our Lord Jesus Christ we see a much different response toward those who crucified Him.

His response is one that lives on today in the lives of all those Christians being persecuted and killed across the Middle East, and it is a response that we must look to as our guide, however difficult it may be.

This Be the Bee is a call to just that: loving our enemies, just like Christ.


- Anthony


Anthony Ladas is a student at Fordham University and currently an intern for Y2AM.