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דפים עם תגית repentance .

For the Fifth Sunday of Great Lent
What can we learn about repentance and the experience of the desert from the life of St. Mary of Egypt?
A look at two kinds of compunction, and what they both mean for our spiritual lives.
Our regrets keep us bound to the past. How do we let go and move past regret?
Awareness of our own sin can lead to guilt and shame. Instead, Christ calls us to a life of hope and joy in repentance.
As St. Dionysios showed us, forgiveness does not have to come with the reassurance of saying “it’s okay.” Forgiveness is enough in itself.
What happens when you realize that your role models have flaws?
Sometimes our parishes don’t seem as collectively on fire for Christ as we could be. Here’s what we personally can do to change that.
The remaining steps call us to make amends to others, to continue to work on our relationships with others and with God, and to share our story with others.
We have a tendency to hold on to fears and resentments from our past. These next four steps help us to list them out, share them with another person, and then trust in God to take them from us.
Not everyone is an addict, but everyone does struggle in some way with sin and bad habits. Here is Part 1 in a series on what everyone can learn from the 12 Steps of recovery from addiction.
Many wonder if repentance alone is enough and if it’s really necessary to go to Confession. Here are some reasons why Confession matters.
We all have wandered from the love of God. This Sunday Christ calls us to return home, to come back to ourselves and to the Father.
As we stand at the cusp of Great Lent, we may be tempted to think our journey is about becoming righteous, but perhaps it is more about seeing ourselves clearly.
How often do we think that the Lord is only interested in us if we are "well?" Might it be possible that He, the Physician of our Souls, is actually drawn toward the sick?
This Sunday, God, our gracious host, invites us to sit at His Table in His Kingdom, but He reminds us that there is a dress code.
As forgiven sinners, we may be tempted to take it easy on the good works, but Christ also calls us to share the Light He so freely gives.
As Great Lent begins drawing to a close, the Sunday of St Mary of Egypt brings together what we've learned so.

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