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How do we understand the phrase, "lamb of God" when we apply it to Christ? How does the Orthodox Church use this term in its liturgical life?
What can we learn about repentance and the experience of the desert from the life of St. Mary of Egypt?
In light of the stay at home orders during Great Lent, we're all monastics now. What can we learn from the life of St John Climacus, remembered on the fourth Sunday of Lent.
A study of the icon of the Cross of Christ, useful for the Third Sunday of Great Lent.
Great Lent is often called a time to return to basics because we focus on central dimensions of our Christian faith: we read from Scripture to remind us of the need for a Savior; we become more...
The Triodion period before Great Lent helps us prepare for our long journey to Pascha and, ultimately, the Kingdom.
It can be hard for us to forgive others, but forgiveness is vital to the Christian life. Here are three ways to spot authentic forgiveness.
When we serve those in need, who are really serving? Others or ourselves? This Sunday Christ calls us to repent of ourselves as we head into Great Lent.
We all have wandered from the love of God. This Sunday Christ calls us to return home, to come back to ourselves and to the Father.
In the Resurrection, we can look back on the Cross (and the pain of our own lives) and find meaning.
Christ could have healed Lazarus. Instead, He waited until He was dead, and did something no one could have predicted.
As Great Lent begins drawing to a close, the Sunday of St Mary of Egypt brings together what we've learned so.
We can be led astray and make fasting about ourselves. The Sunday of the Cross helps point us back in the right direction.
As St Gregory Palamas taught, it is possible to know God in an intimate and mysterious way. And thank God for it!
Brothers and Sisters in Christ,  We're happy to announce that our Y2AM blog, The Ladder, has moved to the new GOA blog page!   We're currently in the process of migrating old posts...
Food has figured prominently in this week’s deluge of news coverage from around the world. Three features of the food thread especially caught my attention—most probably because I am a parent...
Worship in Lent During Great Lent, the worship patterns of the Church change dramatically. There are no weekday Divine Liturgies, except for the Feast of the Annunciation should it fall during...
Layers in Lent With the beginning of Great Lent, Orthodox Christians will experience many services, listen to many readings, and experience things that only occur once a year. Paying attention...

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