Commitment to Christ

We commit ourselves to all sorts of things these days, but the Church is calling us to commit ourselves, one another and our whole life to Christ our God.

The Trouble With Social Media

Instead of posting on Facebook about how annoying a particular something is, maybe it would be more beneficial to try to deepen my union with Christ.

Be The Bee- Love Your Enemies

This Be the Bee is a call to just that: loving our enemies, just like Christ.

Podcast Monday – Three Successful Parishes

In our previous “Podcast Monday,” we listened to Ancient Faith’s Kevin Allen interview Fr. John Ivanoff and Steven Christoforou on the issue of whether or not our churches are “declining” here in...

Being Spiritual, But Not Relgious

Some people experience God outside of Church, and that pushes them away from religion. I experience God outside of Church and am reassured.

Living with Gratitude

Sometimes we take important things for granted and this can keep us from living with gratitude.

The World is Scary; Jesus Wins - Ninth Sunday of Luke

In the wake of violence and the terror of life, it's hard to be anything but afraid. But the Kingdom of God and Jesus Christ give us hope that all will be well.

The Lies We Tell Ourselves

It’s easy to get so wrapped up worrying what people might think of us, or the ways we judge others, that we forget to see ourselves as we truly are and live as God wants.

Loving Your Neighbor; Stop, Look, Listen - Eighth Sunday of Luke

Christ shows us that we are called to meet the needs of our neighbors, but that doesn't necessarily mean what we think it means.

Home is Where the Church is

Over the years we may find different places to call home. But there’s one true home that will never be merely a memory, and never a place far away.