Watch Your Heart; Till the Ground - Third Sunday of Luke

Our walk with the Lord changes from day to day, but He invites us to till the ground of our hearts as we draw near to Him daily.

Podcast Monday - Is Orthodoxy in Decline?

Podcast Monday is back! Join the office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries team in exploring new topics every Monday!

My Authentic Self

How can I be authentic and relatable without overexposing myself?

I Was Welcomed, Not Argued, Into the Church

Instead of diluting our witness to Christ to soundbites, we should invite others to come and see!

Why Being Good to Enemies is the Worst and Only Path to Salvation - Second Sunday of Luke

Being merciful to enemies is difficult, and it often is fairly unpleasant. But this Sunday, Christ invites us to walk the hard path of being good to those who harm us.

When To Say "I Love You"

I hesitate to tell my male friends that I love them, not because I don’t, but because the idea that love is almost exclusively romantic is so ingrained in us I worry that what I’m expressing could...

Be the Church: Bear One Another’s Burdens

The lives of single and married people may look very different, but here are some simple ways we can support each other.

Being Brave in Uncertainty - First Sunday of Luke

Often times we rush to conclusions in order to resolve the pain of feeling vulnerable uncertain. Could it be, however, that Christ is promising to meet us in those places of vulnerability instead...

My Spiritual Father- A Love Story

My spiritual father is the person I think of every time I make a decision, because I know that at some point I am going to have to confess to him, and he is going to hold me accountable for that...

Everyone’s favorite question: “When are you getting married?”

Not everyone is called to the married life, but each of us is called to the Christian life, and that involves loving all those around us.