With the “Fear” of God: Three Things Awe of God Can Teach Us

We hear “with the fear of God” every Divine Liturgy, but what does it mean if we worship a God of love?

Invading Hell Isn’t Safe; Now Do It – Afterfeast of the Presentation

The mission of God does not involve being afraid to take back the Lord's world for the sake of the Kingdom. As the Church, we are called to storm the gates of hell, not to worry about them.

You Can’t Build a Friendship on Gummy Bears

No matter how many of the same books or movies you have in common with someone, it doesn’t mean they will be willing to lay down their life for you. Or you for them.

Three Things that Make Faith Personal (Yet Not Private)

The Orthodox spiritual life is about cultivating a personal relationship with Christ rooted in community.

Following Christ: Going For Broke - Thirteenth Sunday of Luke

If you're anything like me, going after difficult goals can be a bit overwhelming, leading to a double-hearted effort. Might it be that when the going gets tough, this is the time Christ asks...

Death, David Bowie, and False Immortality

The fixation we have with celebrities, and the fake immortality that we credit to their earthly presence, distracts us from the fact that we all live eternally through Christ.

Three Idols We Set Up in Place of Christ

Being a Christian is more than vague spirituality or dry religiosity. It’s about a true spiritual life in Christ. Here are three things that get in the way of that.

Down With the Sickness - Twelfth Sunday of Luke

How often do we think that the Lord is only interested in us if we are "well?" Might it be possible that He, the Physician of our Souls, is actually drawn toward the sick?

Remember The Good

We can’t spend our lives simply running from sin; that’s incomplete. The more important (not to mention easy and fulfilling) thing is to spend our lives running towards Christ.

Being Comfortable with Stability

Between holiday small talk and New Year’s resolutions, it’s easy to misjudge our current life situation and forget to see God’s work in our lives. Here are some things we can do to get comfortable...