The Quesadilla Incident

Our worry about the state of the world can come from a good place, but it isn’t necessarily an empathetic place.

Kingless Kingdoms and Disappointing Desires - Thirteenth Sunday of Matthew

Do we want Christ? Or would rather just have the goods He offers and simply be content to do without Him?

The Problem of Evil

How do I respond to the evil and suffering I see in the world? Is it a proof for God’s non-existence, or a reason to turn to Him with even more humility and trust?

Disordered Loves, Misdirected Lives, Next 12 Exits - Twelfth Sunday of Matthew

This Sunday, Christ invites us to love Him for Who He is. But are we too attached to lesser loves?

Pray For The Assist

Even though I know that the fear of asking, of humility, of feeling inadequate is eclipsed by the payoff, I still hesitate. In the moment, I’d rather be able to depend upon myself. But to offer...

Forgiven Sinners Forgive Sinners - Eleventh Sunday of Matthew

This week the King will forgive us freely, but He expects us to go and do likewise. And often, that's where things get tricky.

Not Just *Greek* Orthodox

While I’ve always loved that my religion and my heritage are so much a part of one another, I also love how universal Orthodoxy is. It’s amazing that I can expand and deepened my own view of the...

Moving Mountains - Tenth Sunday of Matthew

Impossible situations come our way all the time, but God promises that He will meet us there.

Finding the "Right" Parish

Regardless of where we are and who we are with, when we come together in the Church we are all coming together as the Church, with the same purpose and forming a community.

Stepping into the Storm - Ninth Sunday of Matthew

When storms inevitably come, we are offered two options. Stay on the boat and be afraid, or trust the One who comes to us walking on the water.