The Legend of St Christopher

For the feast of Saint Christopher.

The Prophet Job

For the feast of the Prophet Job.

Are you able to drink the cup that I drink…?

For the feast of Saint James the Apostle.

He is Risen!

Christ is Risen! The gates of Hades have been shattered and mankind has been redeemed. The gateway to the Kingdom of Heaven is open. This is the most sacred, joyous Feast of the year; thus, the...

A Week-long Journey

In anticipation of Holy Week.

Passover through the lens of Orthodoxy

For Passover.

The Great Canon of St Andrew of Crete

For the Canon of Saint Andrew of Crete.

Today…the Son of God becomes the Son of Man

For the Feast of the Annunciation.

St Patrick: Revealer of the Holy Trinity

For the Feast of Saint Patrick of Ireland

Why the Presanctified Liturgy?

A reflection on the Presanctified Liturgy.