Speaker Series Bonus Edition: Orthodox Scholars Preach - Sunday of the Samaritan Women, May 22


Orthodox Scholars Preach

Sunday of the Samaritan Woman, May 22


This week's Speaker Series features Nina Glibetić, who preaches about the Sunday of the Samaritan Woman. Watch this insightful 10-minute video:



Nina Glibetić is an Assistant Professor of Liturgical Studies at the University of Notre Dame. Her main research area is Christian liturgy in the premodern world, especially in the Orthodox tradition. Her work is interdisciplinary and pulls from the fields of liturgiology, theology, Byzantine, and Slavic Studies. She has lectured internationally and held numerous research appointments, including a membership at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, and fellowships at Harvard's Dumbarton Oaks, the Yale Institute of Sacred Music, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.



Until Pentecost, a different Orthodox Scholar will release a new 10-minute video based on the spiritual themes of Sunday's liturgical calendar. This Speaker Series BONUS EDITION: Orthodox Scholars Preach is a collaboration between the Orthodox Christian Studies Center of Fordham University and our Department of Religious Education, and with the blessing of Archbishop Elpidophoros of America.



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