Speaker Series: Sunday of Saint Mary of Egypt, April 10

SPEAKER SERIES: Orthodox Scholars Preach

Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt, April 10


This week's Speaker Series features Gayle Woloschak, who preaches about the Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt. Watch this 10-minute video: 



Gayle E. Woloschak is Professor of Radiation Oncology in the Feinberg School of Medicine and Associate Dean for The Graduate School at Northwestern University. She has a PhD in molecular biology and a DMin in Eastern Christian studies. Her research interests are in cancer research as well as the science-religion interface.



Every week until Pascha, a different Orthodox Scholar will release a new 10-minute video. This Speaker Series: Orthodox Scholars Preach is a collaboration between the Orthodox Christian Studies Center of Fordham University and our Department of Religious Education.



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