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Lately, Rod Dreher's *The Benedict Option* has been showing up on people's bookshelves; Christian read it and it brought up some deep longings for community.
Often we get distracted by the outside circumstances of our lives, and we lose focus on Christ at the Center.
The Cubs won! And today, someone will win the presidency. Let's hold fast to the hope that our King is coming, no matter what happens in the polls.
When I first heard about the app “Timehop,” I had really mixed feelings.   If you haven’t heard of it, it does what it sounds like: hops through time. It pools together a conglomerate of...
As a parent, it's always hard to decide what kinds of things your kids should watch, especially if they are scared. But maybe there is value in watching things that scare our children?
New research indicates that doubt is the single biggest factor leading young people away from the Church. Yet the problem isn't really their doubt: it's our flawed response to it.
As we get older, it can be hard to hold onto the faith of our youth. Here are two things to remember in the face of doubt.
Mercy is something that is given freely, not something deserved. And thank God, because if we all got we deserved, then who would stand a chance before the face of God?
In the wake of violence and the terror of life, it's hard to be anything but afraid. But the Kingdom of God and Jesus Christ give us hope that all will be well.
Being merciful to enemies is difficult, and it often is fairly unpleasant. But this Sunday, Christ invites us to walk the hard path of being good to those who harm us.
Often times we rush to conclusions in order to resolve the pain of feeling vulnerable uncertain. Could it be, however, that Christ is promising to meet us in those places of vulnerability instead of encouraging us to rush through them?
Sometimes when we come to meet God, we may not be meeting Who we expect. And usually, that's probably a good thing.
This Sunday, God, our gracious host, invites us to sit at His Table in His Kingdom, but He reminds us that there is a dress code.
Do we want Christ? Or would rather just have the goods He offers and simply be content to do without Him?
How do I respond to the evil and suffering I see in the world? Is it a proof for God’s non-existence, or a reason to turn to Him with even more humility and trust?
Impossible situations come our way all the time, but God promises that He will meet us there.
When storms inevitably come, we are offered two options. Stay on the boat and be afraid, or trust the One who comes to us walking on the water.
God asks so very little of us, but He does ask. This week He promises to take the little that we have, and to turn it into something wonderful.
Sometimes it's really hard to have the energy or ability to follow Christ as we would like, but He offers a good word to us, even when we're paralyzed.
Sometimes it's really easy to point fingers when we disagree with others. But maybe the easy thing to do isn't the right thing to do.
None of us likes to be told "No," but maybe taking commands is truly a test of faith.
There's a lot to be afraid of in this world, but this Sunday, Christ will ask us to let it all go. Can you?
The fishermen gave up everything they knew to follow Christ; what will you do when He invites you to do the same?
Sometimes it's easy to get overwhelmed at the prospect of being a Saint, but perhaps sainthood is nearer than we think.
This Sunday God sends His Holy Spirit upon the apostles and upon us, and He does so unto the transformation our our lives.