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How can Orthodox Christians better be a compassionate presence in this world of confusion, fear, and anger?
Experiencing hard times, especially natural disasters, can challenge our faith as we struggle to hold on to God.
The compulsion to make others happy affects many of us. But what’s at the core of this problem, and how do we get out of it?
We all try to escape being uncomfortable. Instead, the Church guides us to face life with Christ.
Sometimes we are confronted by truly terrifying circumstances that shake us to our core. In those moments, are we able to reach out to the Lord and hope in Christ?
This year has already proven to be a challenging one. So how can we hold on to our Christian hope even in the midst of all the world’s pain and suffering?
As a parent, it's always hard to decide what kinds of things your kids should watch, especially if they are scared. But maybe there is value in watching things that scare our children?
We have a tendency to hold on to fears and resentments from our past. These next four steps help us to list them out, share them with another person, and then trust in God to take them from us.
The Old Testament story of Ruth and Naomi shows us that there’s a lot we can learn from making friends with those who are different from us.
We hear “with the fear of God” every Divine Liturgy, but what does it mean if we worship a God of love?
The mission of God does not involve being afraid to take back the Lord's world for the sake of the Kingdom. As the Church, we are called to storm the gates of hell, not to worry about them.
Being a Christian is more than vague spirituality or dry religiosity. It’s about a true spiritual life in Christ. Here are three things that get in the way of that.
Everyone knows someone who has left the Church. We’ve heard the statistics. So what do those of us young adults who aren’t leaving the Church, do with this?
In the wake of violence and the terror of life, it's hard to be anything but afraid. But the Kingdom of God and Jesus Christ give us hope that all will be well.
Often times we rush to conclusions in order to resolve the pain of feeling vulnerable uncertain. Could it be, however, that Christ is promising to meet us in those places of vulnerability instead of encouraging us to rush through them?
When storms inevitably come, we are offered two options. Stay on the boat and be afraid, or trust the One who comes to us walking on the water.