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Why do so many kids who are active in youth ministry grow up and disconnect from the Church?
Here are three lessons a group of young adults in Virginia learned after their recent service retreat.
"So, it's a show?" "It's a lifestyle." "It's a religion."
Your worldview should not be shaped by the words “fat” and “skinny” and what you see on social media. Your worldview should be shaped by Jesus Christ.
“You’re wrong,” “you don’t know me well enough,” and “I don’t care what you think” are all things that I’ve said far too often, and things that I don’t want to say anymore.
How do we stay still in a world that is constantly pushing us to move forward?
When you can’t make your own decisions, what can you do?
As best I can tell, there are two major challenges to becoming an adult. The first is wanting to be simultaneously older and younger, yet present in the time that I’m in.
How can we improve the ministry work we do for youth and young adults? Here are three basic principles that can help us spot (and shape) real ministry.
New research indicates that doubt is the single biggest factor leading young people away from the Church. Yet the problem isn't really their doubt: it's our flawed response to it.
Everyone knows someone who has left the Church. We’ve heard the statistics. So what do those of us young adults who aren’t leaving the Church, do with this?
Is it possible that we have become possessed by spirits of secularism and fear instead of looking to be liberated by the Spirit of God?
When I think about all the reasons I’m here, I remember that most importantly I’m here because I love our Church.