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Working in the Church isn't easy. Neither is working in Pawnee. Here are 4 things I Steve learned from Leslie Knope.
A look at two kinds of compunction, and what they both mean for our spiritual lives.
A free new Bible Study resource for the Triodion Period (the Sunday of the Publican & Pharisee through Holy Saturday).
Why do so many kids who are active in youth ministry grow up and disconnect from the Church?
A few years ago, Domino's Pizza admitted a huge mistake. And then they fixed it. That's a powerful lesson for Church leaders everywhere.
As we count down to the last episode of "Be the Bee." Steve takes a look back and the incredible impact of the series.
Youth safety training can feel tedious and repetitive at times. Here are two things anyone in ministry needs to remember.
As long as our ministry efforts have different starting points than our Life in Christ, they will never be fully united, nor will they be of Christ.
Having programs and ministries for youth and young adults can never replace the role of the parent in cultivating and modeling a love for Christ.
Your worldview should not be shaped by the words “fat” and “skinny” and what you see on social media. Your worldview should be shaped by Jesus Christ.
Of all the opportunities that summer camp affords you, the opportunity to get to know Christ is by far the greatest one.
There is no perfect model for youth ministry. But many lessons can only come with experience.
How can we improve the ministry work we do for youth and young adults? Here are three basic principles that can help us spot (and shape) real ministry.
Be the Bee retreats are attracting huge crowds. But what makes this remarkable isn't simply the numbers: it's the reason people are coming.