Newly Released iOS and Google Android mobile apps

The newest Daily Readings app for iOS and Google Android is out and ready for download!

Let’s discuss Android first:

There are some bug fixes to help with devices running Jelly Bean; the addition of the Prokeimenon before the Epistles; on option to turn the Prokeimenon off, if you just want to see the readings; a decreased file size to help with space management; and support for landscape orientation (although you cannot change the orientation while running the app, it will run in the orientation detected upon opening).

Download the app for free here, and get  a few more extra features by downloading the $.99 (USD) app here.

Now on to iOS:

The iPad version is officially released.  This new Daily Readings utilizes the iPad’s big screen to give you the readings quickly and easily.

Download the free version here, and for $.99 (USD) get some extra features here.  Have you already paid $.99 for the app and don’t want to pay again? If you’re logged into your iPad with the same Apple ID used when paying for the iPhone app, you don’t have to pay again. Just download and enjoy!

Also, if you are currently using iOS 4.3 on your iPad and have experienced crashing with the Daily Readings 1.3 app, make sure you upgrade to the newest version, 1.3.1!