Podcast Monday - Secular Worries

To say that our country is deeply divided in a number of ways would surprise no one. Social issues such as abortion, the death penalty, euthanasia, and gay marriage have created groups of “social tribes” in our nation, with each vying for dedication to its own personal philosophies.

It is very easy for us as members of the Church, knowing the fullness of Truth in our Faith, to become embroiled in these debates. To an extent, it is even understandable. These issues are oftentimes a part of our everyday lives.

But are our positions on these matters what make us Orthodox Christians?

The Church, as Christ’s body, is the bridge from Earth to Heaven. The beauty of the Church—a trait it possesses that no other institution does—is its “other-worldliness.” In allowing the Church to become simply another place for debate, we, in a sense, tarnish its ultimate value. We subconsciously convince ourselves that we are good Christians because we know all of the good talking points, even if our relationship with Christ—the one thing that matters—is lacking.

Check out Fr. Seraphim Aldea’s podcast “Secular Worries,” found here, on Ancient Faith Radio, where he discusses this topic and brings to light what our true priorities ought to be as Orthodox Christians.


As you listen, consider:

  1. What is the true message of the Church? Do we preach a system, or a Person?
  2. How ought the Church (that is, us, as individuals) go about spreading its message to the society around us?
  3. What do you think of when you imagine a typical Christian? What traits do you imagine the average non-Christian would use to describe a typical Christian?
  4. How might debates over these social issues actually harm the mission each of us is called to? In what ways might these debates cause us to depersonalize others?