Podcast Monday—Sexual Purity

"We cannot, we dare not, manufacture a false gospel that dismisses chastity and sexual purity because maintaining them is difficult."


In his letter to Titus, St. Paul writes: “To the pure all things are pure: but to them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled.” To a society filled with pornography and other forms aplenty of sexual objectification and commodification, these words are certainly a stinging indictment.


Sex is all around us, so much so that many have given up the fight and instead have embraced this cultural phenomenon as something normal and natural. Sex is viewed as a “need” not unlike food or drink, and one that must be satiated.


But the Church sees things differently. For the Church, sex is a creation of God, and just like the rest of His creation, it is a thing of beauty when it is not distorted. Unfortunately, though, humanity has in many cases done just that: distorted what was once holy into the very opposite. In this aspect, the Church is profoundly countercultural. 


Fr. Apostolos Hill of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Phoenix, Arizona, expounds on this issue in a recent homily to his community, which can be listened to here as an Ancient Faith podcast.


As you listen, consider:

  1. As Orthodox Christians, what is our understanding of the relationship between our body and soul in the spiritual life?
  2. What saints might we look to for us to emulate in striving for purity?
  3. What other sources in Scripture point towards the importance of purity in our spiritual lives?
  4. What are the needs of our soul? What are the needs of our physical body? What type of balance is healthy in this regard?

- Anthony


Anthony Ladas is a student at Fordham University and currently an intern for Y2AM.