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Presvytera Melanie DiStefano It is arguably one of the most “under-rated” Feast days of our Ecclesiastical Year – The Feast of the Apostles; and yet, it is through these 12 men and the line of...
I never realized what a luxury it is to be able to flip on the water to wash our hands or dishes, to be able to flush a toilet, or step into the shower...until a pipe burst in our basement!
What might the Lord have in store for us as we seek him through our prayerful rhythms in the privacy of our own homes? Be ready: we could be in for something we don’t expect.
The Myrrh-bearing women are my personal heroes. If I spent a lifetime praying about it and trying to follow their example, I might hope to say that I, too, carried through the most difficult moments of my life with half as much faith, duty, bravery, and good works as they did.
Certainly, parents carry the burden of responsibility for the decisions, consequences, and overall well-being of the family. But do we welcome the presence of the Holy Spirit in the process? Do we offer reasonable choices to even the youngest members of our family, allowing them to discern the risks and rewards of their decisions in the short run and the long term?
It is a miraculous gift from God to be able to bring a child into this world, one that I thank Him for every single day. I never thought I was capable of this type of overwhelming love until I met...
For much of my son’s nearly 16-year lifespan, I have begged for miracles. Many I have received, and countless have always been - though I took them for granted. His struggles often help me to see...
By Presvytera Melanie DiStefano     “Anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.” (Matt 10:37)   When I was a...
If You Believe, You Will Become   Jordan Peterson is a modern day author and clinical psychologist notoriously featured in the media because of his outspoken views on controversial issues....
For anyone who suffers from grief, depression, sorrow, or anxiety, the Paraklesis is a welcome salve to the soul. Although the gospel message of Jesus Christ is one of joy, the Paraklesis service recognizes that everyone, from time to time, experiences emotional and spiritual pain.

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