THANKSGIVING AND STEWARDSHIP by Fr Alexander G. Leondis We are found in the season of Thanksgiving when we offer gratitude to God as a nation and as individuals for His blessing and love...
We sense that something needs to be done. We see the trends. Attendance is down. We are celebrating fewer weddings and baptisms. Funerals are holding steady. Stewardship is declining. We clearly...
  Click HERE to watch the latest "Be the Bee" featuring Archbishop Elpidophoros as he and Steve discuss the stewardship of our many gifts.  
YOUTH STEWARDSHIP with Y2AM's Steven Christoforou   Click HERE to View the Webinar Hosted by Stacey Stathulis  
To say social media is ubiquitous (for good or for ill) might be the greatest understatement ever - there are 1.2 billion Facebook users alone. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and...
Palm Sunday is fast approaching. Our churches will once again be filled with the faithful we love, but don’t see as often as we would like. Our first inclination may be to scold or at least lay on...
Stewardship Ministries of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese has developed parish resources for Planned Giving to assist the faithful in their estate planning and end-of-life concerns while...
OUTREACH & EVANGELISM Report from a Home Mission Parish  A Recipient of the Leadership 100 Home Mission Parish Grant It’s our privilege to apply for and administer a generous grant...
Stewardship is often reduced to the "three Ts" (time, talent and treasure) which is an acceptable, though tactical, explanation of what we Orthodox Christians do after saying 'we believe.' What...
  Fr. John Touloumes arrived at Holy Trinity in August 1993 with a mandate from then Bishop (later Metropolitan) Maximos: Transition the parish of almost 200 families from dues to...
Is a donation kiosk right for your parish? In a recent study of church giving conducted between 2015 and 2017, the traditional methods of donating (cash and check) are declining whereas...

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